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See you in the upcoming 2nd IYFSWC
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The second International Youth Forum on Soil and Water Conservation will be held in two days. It is time to arrange your trip in details. Before departure, we would like to let you know the following things:

(1) Please make sure that you have already made the hotel reservation

Please do it if you have not! We have provided you with some choices on the previous announcement, the link for such hotels are as follows:


(2) Please make sure that you have already prepared enough clothes

The temperature in Moscow for the following a week will be between 13 and 28 Celsius, and it will be raining for some days, you are kindly asked to prepare enough clothes to keep warm.

(3) Please make sure that you have brought enough cash

If you have not paid the registration fee yet online, and you are going to make the payment while make registration on desk, please make sure that you have already prepared cash rather than card, cheque, etc. As we have already announced that only cash can be accepted while making payment during the forum. Three kinds of cash, such as EUR, USD, or RUB are all fine to be accepted. The fees are with following rates: Standard participant 350 EUR, student participant with student certificate 200 EUR, any accompanying person 170 EUR.

(4) The program was arranged preliminary as following attached.

[Click to download]

(5) If you have planned to take part in the post-conference tour, please make sure you visa is still valid in that time: September 1-3. This is a valuable chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery after this forum for visiting St. Petersburg and Kazan visiting.


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